In June the Sainsbury’s site in Melbourne Ave was bought for  £22.4m by Aprirose and Aurora   Is this the first step to a new development stretching all the way north to Broadway…could be a new, bigger Sainsbury’s?

The West Ealing Hub in St James Avenue seems to have stalled awaiting a beauty contest to see who will run the facility. West Ealing Business Improvement District (WEBID) would like to be based there. The WEBID 5 year contract ends in 2019 and looks likely that businesses will vote on its renewal in Autumn 2018.

The same outsourcing game is expected for the A2Dominion/Orchard Café/Open Ealing café in Singapore Road. So we could have a new organisation running the café and meeting area.

mywestealing – the online blog/web site – is now live. Ownership of the LBE Riot Recovery funded site will soon pass to the West Ealing Community Interest Company, chaired by David Highton. Moves are underway to find a sponsor to fund a part-time content manager/maintainer for the site.

Clarion, the Sherwood Close developer is keen to participate in the TfLLiving Neighbourhoods grant-funded bicycle and pedestrian initiative –
It is also very interested in local stakeholders’ plans for Dean Gardens –

Attempts are being made to establish some kind of site manager/Caretaker for the new Sherwood Close estate. Whether this would be an on-site facility or not is unclear. Whether this.

Dean, the flower seller in Melbourne Avenue has been clobbered by the new West Ealing Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). In order to park his van, LBE wants £800/year. St James Church has come to rescue our forever helpful local trader and have arranged a parking place owned by the church.

The decades old Wild West car parking scenario in Maitland Yard has come to an end. LBE has decided to ‘tame’ the area and create a managed car park. Rumour has it that the loading bay marked out at the back of the charity shop is illegal as it occupies a public right of way. Even more bizarre was the recent highways order in the ‘Ealing Gazette’ was signed by Shahid Iqbal who we have on good authority left LBE  some 4 weeks ago .

Finally thanks must go to West Ealing Neighbours (WEN) for cleaning out and re-soiling/wood chipping all the round seated ‘garden units in Melbourne Avenue. WEN paid for the materials utilised. David and Elizabeth Highton did much of the hard work just prior to the cold but successful West Ealing Christmas Festival earlier this month.

Eric Leach

Happy New Year to everyone