Ealing Police/MOPAC meeting

At the Ealing Police/MOPAC meeting in Ealing Town Hall last night, it dawned on me and others that a terrible public services’ meltdown is unfolding for Southall:

  • Southall Police Station to close
  • Ealing District General Hospital in Southall to close
  • Southall Job Centre Plus is closing
  • Southall Town Hall to close (just been sold off)
  • New Crossrail/Elizabeth Line railway station in Southall delayed till December 2019

In March 2017, Police reports revealed that there were more reported crimes in a street in Southall than in any other urban residential road in England. Officers were called to Chevy Road, Southall 244 times between July and December 2016. 183 of the offences related to allegations of violence or sexual offences.

Officially some 70,000 people live in Southall. Unofficially the number is certainly more.
Known home building plans will bring another 10,000 residents coming to live in 4,250 new homes in Southall over the next 25 years.

As for the 360,000 of us in Ealing we face the equivalent prospect of just one fully functioning Police Station in the whole of Iceland or the whole of Newcastle.

How do we stop this madness?