This is an email from Save Ealing’s Centre about the Council’s plans give two of the Town Hall’s public rooms to the planned hotel.

The Council’s deal to hand over the Town hall for a hotel development includes the Victoria Hall and the Princes Room.  But these rooms were paid for with public donations for public meetings and gatherings.  A 1893 Charitable Trust document was careful to keep the Hall separate from the Council’s main activities and protect it as a place for the public to use and enjoy.

This Trust complicates the Council’s plans as it stops them pocketing the proceeds of buildings Ealing people paid for.  The Charity Commission has told the Council to consult on any changes to the trust before it would consider any them.  The consultation ends on January 12th.

SEC supporter Ealing Voice is contesting the Council’s proposed changes. Ealing Voice say that the Halls are worth some millions of pounds and take in several hundred thousand pounds a year in letting fees.  This should be enough for them to pay their way and continue to be used by Ealing’s growing population.

Ealing Voice argues that public assets – especially those paid for by public donations – should not be handed over to external developers as the Council wants to do. Ealing Voice is now calling on the Ealing public to support it by adding their objections.

Email your objections to the charity commission at – citing Victoria Hall Trust, Ealing – NM C-462805 in the title line, and send a copy to at Ealing Council.

You can see a few more details contained in the document SEC have written on the subject HERE and the latest on our web site at

There’s an interview with Will French of Save Ealing’s Centre about this here.