Resident groups in West Ealing

Draytons Community Association (DCA)

DCA Members live in Sutherland Road, Manor Road , Drayton Road, Drayton Grove, Drayton Avenue, Drayton Green and Drayton Gardens.


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Five Roads Forum (FRF)

FRF members are residents who live in Hartington, Broughton, Denmark, Hastings and Arden Roads.

Kingsdown Residents’ Association (KRA)

KRA members are residents in the roads immediately to the east, north and south of Kingsdown Methodists Church on Northfield Avenue.

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Walpole Residents’Association (WRA)

Established almost 50 years ago, WRA members live surrounding Walpole Park and throughout Walpole Ward.

West Ealing Centre Neighbours Forum (WEC)

Formed in 2013, WECNF has over 300 members, the majority of whom are residents of West Ealing.

West Ealing Neighbours (WEN)

Formed in 2005, WEN has over 400 members and is the first and only residents’ group which represents all the residents of West Ealing.

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