As part of the Covid-19 emergency Ealing Council is bringing in Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN) across the borough. The idea of LTNs is to reduce the amount of traffic on residential roads and encourage more walking and cycling. These LTNs have proved highly controversial, not just in Ealing but across London.

An article in one of today’s (Wednesday 12th August) newspapers has the headline ‘Culture war breaks out as road closures provoke fury’. The argument from angry residents is that creating these LTNs will actually increase travel times and thereby increase congestion and pollution.

There are a number of LTN’s coming to West Ealing. probably the largest is one which will cover the area south of The Broadway/Leeland Terrace down to Blondin Park and west from Northfield Ave to Boston Road. There is also LTN north of The Broadway to the railway line and west from Drayton Green Rd.

Despite all the concern and an online petition with over 4,000 signatures objecting to the plans, Ealing Council will be going ahead. Following the installation of the LTNs there will be a six-month consultation period. Details of how the consultation will work should be in a letter which is due to be sent to all residents living in the LTN areas.

Actual opposition to the principle of LTNs is not the issue with most objectors. The main concerns are about the lack of consultation and the potential of diverting traffic off residential roads resulting in longer journeys and therefore leading to more congestion, pollution and, for some, considerable inconvenience.

If you are interested in the arguments for and against LTNs then the online petition has quite a detailed list of reasons to object. On the other side London Living Streets has a lot of information about why they can be beneficial.